Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (2023)

By Saim Cheeda

Scarlet Witch has an impressive number of abilities, but which ones are actually useful and which ones aren't particularly special?

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (1)

The true scale of Scarlet Witch’s powers is slowly being shown to mainstream audiences through WandaVision, with the comics also displaying many of her incredible abilities. She actually possesses greater powers than the Vision, as her abilitiesare a combination of cosmic, mutant, andmagical powers.

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While her powers might be known to some of the fanbase, it’s the effectiveness of each ability that should be analyzed. Scarlet Witch definitely has a greater total number of abilities than most, but many aren't particularly special or unique to her. There are seldom used powers that have had a greater impact while the rest have been useful as well to make Scarlet Witch stand out as an overall force.


10 Flight— Useful But Extremely Common

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (2)

The interesting thing about Scarlet Witch’s flight abilities is that these aren’t fully intrinsic to her. She uses her magic to propel herself upwards, meaning her flight is derived from other powers. Regardless, this skill is far too common to stand out in a universe where it seems like almost everyone can fly in some form or another.

It’s a useful power for sure, as being able to fly has allowed Scarlet Witch to lay down her attacks from an elevated position. Still, flight being so common means it doesn’t define Scarlet Witch as a superhero as she can contend without it as well.

9 Telekinesis — Manifests Easily But Is Weaker Than Most Of Her Powers

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (3)

Being able to influence objects to move through her mental capabilities has been used on a regular basis by Scarlet Witch. In fact, she relied on telekinesis the most when she was starting out with her powers, as it was the most obvious way her abilities manifested.

Her telekinesis has been proven to be powerful enough for her to lift entire beings by herself to fling them around and maintain their distance in battle. More so than the comic book version, Scarlet Witch’s telekinetic abilities are frequently used by her MCU counterpart. The problem with this is that she’s simply preferred other, more powerful abilities to telekinesis once her skills have grown.

8 Magical Projectile Attacks — Can Incapacitate Enemies Of Any Size

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (4)

These have also been used more frequently compared to other attacks, with projectile attacks having a greater impact. The nature of the projectiles has changed according to Scarlet Witch’s will, either being a move that knocks others back or being deadly in nature that can rip someone apart.

For the most part, Scarlet Witch has kept the projectile attacks in the knocking back variety, in that these are used to push an opponent off balance or to incapacitate them due to the force of the projectiles. Due to this, projectiles are more of asecondary attack rather than a primary one, although projectiles alone have still beaten extremely powerful enemies.

7 Teleportation — AllowsForSurprise Attacks OrQuick Getaways

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (5)

This is a power that has so far been dropped by the MCU, with even the comic book version using it sparingly. However, it’s a powerful skill since teleportation allows Scarlet Witch to launch a surprise attack whenever she wants or flee a situation that she needs to get away from.

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Used in tandem with magical powers, teleportation is a skill that can be a game-changer since it’s difficult for her opponents to gauge her position when she keeps vanishing from one spot to another. It’s a shame she doesn’t use this too often since teleportation has great potential.

6 Energy Blasts & Forcefields —Explosive Offense & Incomparable Defense

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (6)

One of the common questions about Scarlet Witch has been the nature of her energy blasts and force fields. The blasts are essentially an upgraded form of the projectile attacks but with lethal energy, as she can let out huge bursts that can ravage her surroundings.

Force fields are a construct by Scarlet Witch that not only serve to shield what she wants but can compress something to essentially crush and destroy it. Energy blasts can also be force fields released in blasts, making them around the same ballpark and containing massive impact that can reduce things to dust.

5 Mental Manipulation — Complete Control Over TheBodies & Minds Of Others

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (7)

This is a fact that WandaVision fans will be interested in, as the TV series has shown Scarlet Witch making use of this power on a grand scale. Mental manipulation is a higher form of hypnosis, in which her victims are completely at her mercy.

Moreover, the manipulation of the mind can make people see visions of their greatest fears or trap them in their heads as long as Scarlet Witch wants. She can also influence a person to do her bidding, making mental manipulation a powerful ability that can alter a person’s personality or sense of self.

4 Power Manipulation —Turning An Enemy'sStrengthsInto Their Weakness

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (8)

An underrated but awesome ability involves using the powers of her opponents against them, essentially causing their biggest weaknesses to manifest. This was seen in Captain America: Civil War where Scarlet Witch used the Mind Stone to incapacitate Vision, while in the comics she made Ultron short circuit in The Avengers #161.

This power can enable her to kill the villain she’s facing if she wants to, as their own powers turn on them to render these characters completely vulnerable. Scarlet Witch has also been shown to manipulate a person’s density, meaning she can destroy their bodies if she wants to.

3 Resurrection — Using Chaos Magic To Revive The Dead

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (9)

Using this power would make things too easy since bringing back deceased heroes all the time would mean there’s no real conflict. The times she has made use of necromancy has been effective, as in the case of her resurrection of Wonder Man in The Avengers Vol. 3 # 10.

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Scarlet Witch also did so in WandaVision where she revived Vision while under her energy field. Necromancy is what happens when one pushes the boundaries of chaos magic, which Scarlet Witch not only achieved but could very well expand upon to ensure that anyone she really wants to live won’t be able to die.

2 Phoenix Force Immunity — Resists One Of The Most Destructive Powers In The Universe

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (10)

Scarlet Witch has been proven to be so powerful that it’s easily believable for her to defeat DC superheroes as well. In the Marvel Universe, she was said to be the only being the Phoenix Force was afraid of in A vs X #12, as her magical powers were said to be cosmic.

In A vs X #6, she proved her resistance to the Phoenix Force wasn’t an assumption by taking an attack head-on and using her own powers to shield herself. Considering the Phoenix Force has destroyed extremely powerful beings by shredding their atoms, Scarlet Witch’s resistance is something to marvel at.

1 Altering Reality — Puts Everyone & Everything Completely At Her Mercy

Marvel: All Of Scarlet Witch’s Powers, Ranked (11)

Up until recently, the MCU had ignored this power before WandaVision included it, and there’s no doubt it’s her greatest ability. In the comics, the House of M arc had Scarlet Witch create an entirely different reality where she resurrected her brother and depowered almost all of the mutant population.

The ability to change something to fit her own needs is such that any kind of attack against it is rendered useless since reality altering places the character entirely at Scarlet Witch’s mercy. She essentially creates and controls life, making her the soledecision maker for everything that occursin her version of reality.

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